Uncover the right fit

Make smarter team-building decisions by gaining deep insights into applicant and team members' mindset and values.

Strategic Team Building

Grow your team effectively with our expertise in identifying top talent that fits your culture, values, and ambitions.

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Peak Performance

Remove mindset and value bottlenecks with personalized action plans.

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Culture Alignment Diagnosis

Bridge the gap between leadership and team with AI-driven analysis, creating a united and thriving workplace.

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How it works

Our process guides you from assessment to smart decision.
Ensuring that you have actionable insights at your fingertips.

frictional illustration highlighting how seamless is to interact with chatbot
Step 1

Interactive Chatbot Assessment

Our AI-based chat bot assessment evaluates candidates mindset with precision.

Through a series of thought-provoking questions, we gather the data needed to analyze their mindset, values, and suitability for your organization.

Step 2

Comprehensive Report

The assessment results are transformed into a comprehensive report.

This report provides detailed insights into each candidate's mindset characteristics, core values, and recommendations, including a growth plan, empowering you to make smart hiring decisions.

frictional illustration highlighting how seamless is to interact with chatbot
frictional illustration highlighting how seamless is to interact with chatbot
Step 3

Smart Decision

Armed with the report, you can confidently make data-driven decisions.

By leveraging the actionable insights, you can select the candidates who align with your company's vision, culture, and long-term objectives.

Cultivate Exceptional Teams

We go beyond recruitment, focusing on elevating your company culture and team building.

Our AI identifies gaps between leadership and the team's culture, enabling us to create actionable plans for better alignment.

Seamless Team Growth & Collaboration

From identifying top talent to interview preparation, we provide expert assistance throughout the process, enabling you to build a cohesive team that aligns with your culture and values.

Data-Driven HR Optimization

Remove mindset and value bottlenecks that hinder team performance.
Our AI tool identifies misalignments and communication issues, empowering you to create action plans for optimal team dynamics.

The Big Five

Analytical Psychology




Eysenck's PEN Model



Emotional Intelligence

Jungian Analysis


Belbin Team Roles Model

Dweck’s Research

Dweck’s Research

Golden Circle

LEAD Model

The Big Five


Level 5 Leadership


Emotional Intelligence

Our Assessments

Gain valuable insights into candidates' mindset characteristics, including growth mindset, leadership style and ability, and team player skills.

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Growth Mindset

Select individuals who embrace growth and are motivated to continuously develop and succeed.

Uncover candidates' drive to improve, ability to face challenges, and eagerness to learn from mistakes with our assessment of growth mindset.

Test your Growth Mindset

Duration: ~ 10 min

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icon of leadership
Leadership Style

Build teams with individuals who can drive your organization forward.

Identify candidates with confident decision-making, inspiring leadership styles, and a commitment to high achievements through our assessment of leadership style and ability.

Test your Leadership Style

Duration: ~ 10 min

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icon of team-player ability
Team Player Ability

Find team players who excel at creating a harmonious and energized work atmosphere.

Evaluate candidates' cooperation, positive contribution to team environments, their interaction in teams and their conflict resolution style with our assessment of team player ability.

Test your Team Player Ability

Duration: ~ 10 min

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No more insecure gut decisions.

Our AI-powered reports empower you to understand people on a whole new level, enabling you to build teams that align with your company's vision and culture.

In-Depth Candidate Understanding

Gain a comprehensive understanding of candidates' mindsets and suitability through detailed reports, enabling you to make precise and informed hiring decisions.

Fair & objective Selection

Mitigate bias in your hiring process with our objective AI-based assessments, ensuring fairness and equal opportunities for all candidates.

Collaborative Excellence

Build teams that work harmoniously together, promoting optimal synergy, productivity, and innovation throughout your organization.

Align with your Company Culture

Identify candidates who align with your company values and culture, ensuring a harmonious fit and long-term success.

Strategic Decision-Making

Leverage data-driven insights to guide your strategic decision-making process, optimizing your talent acquisition and organizational growth.

Create a positive Work Environment

Prioritize your company's values and create a positive workplace culture by selecting candidates who align with your organization's core principles.

Team Building for Excellence

Navigate the complexities of team expansion with confidence. We identify top talent, enabling you to build cohesive teams that align with your company culture and values.

Efficiently identify top talent for strategic growth
Skip prescreening interviews and focus on meaningful connections
Foster a culture-centric team that delivers exceptional results

Align your Culture with Success

Identify and bridge the gap between leadership and your team's culture with our AI-driven assessments.

Streamline culture alignment for a harmonious workplace
Build a values-driven culture that drives success
Enhance communication and collaboration for peak performance

Unleash Peak Performance in HR

Our AI insights diagnose and address mindset and value issues, empowering HR to create actionable plans for team success.

Remove mindset and value roadblocks for peak performance
Enhance team dynamics and communication for better collaboration
Drive innovation and productivity with a values-driven approach

Pioneering companies that have embraced modern talent scouting

Culture Matters.
CEO Perspectives

“Hiring for values is more important than hiring for skills.”

Tony Hsieh
Former CEO, Zappos

“Company culture is built on shared values.
Culture is simply a shared way of doing something with passion.”

Brian Chesky
CEO, Airbnb

“Values are key to building a strong team and a successful business.”

Mark Zuckerberg
CEO, Facebook

"A strong team is built on shared values and a clear mission."

Adam Neumann
Former CEO, WeWork